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Retirement Planning

A Personalized Approach

Spinnaker Wealth Management believes that a properly crafted Wealth Plan, tailored to include each client's unique needs and goals, is the keystone to building a secure retirement and a strong investment portfolio.

Through LPL, we design each client's Financial Plan to be a personalized guide to help meet their objectives, such as:

  • identifying and managing risk
  • current and future income
  • competitive investment returns
  • funding retirement to meet future needs
  • effective estate planning - reducing taxes, legacy issues, charitable giving
  • coordinating tax and legal considerations

Kephart & Associates crafts a personalized plan for each client.

Strong financial planning gives you perspective on change.

The Road Ahead

We give clients a well-developed, forward-looking plan that incorporates their current economic circumstances. A strong plan helps our clients keep long-term objectives in mind while addressing near-term change.

Once the plan is established, we meet with the client regularly to review the plan to reflect any changes in circumstances.

Dale Kephart is a registered principal with, and offers securities and advisory services through Linsco/Private Ledger, Member NASD/SIPC, a Registered Investment Advisor.

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