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Investment Management

Kephart & Associates helps clients build a robust Financial Plan.

Evaluate & Recommend

At Spinnaker Wealth Management, we begin our investment management process by evaluating your existing portfolio for balance, quality, risk, and investment appropriateness.

We then align the portfolio to fit your Wealth Plan and adjust it to better meet your financial objectives.


We screen sound, timely investments, mutual funds, and institutional money managers to create a portfolio that is balanced in regard to investment types, income, and risks. We evaluate money managers and mutual funds selected for the portfolio for qualities and issues beyond performance, including

  • the amount of risk that is taken to achieve investment return
  • category style drift
  • consistency
  • depth of management
We screen sound, timely investments.

Kephart & Associates holds quarterly client reviews.

Monitor & Adjust

Our quarterly client review process ensures that Spinnaker Wealth Management's investment management services are continuously focused on meeting the client's desire for growth and/or income while staying within their risk guidelines. When economic or personal changes occur, the portfolio is reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

Dale Kephart is a registered principal with, and securities and advisory services offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC, a Registered Investment Advisor.

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